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Maybe it is spring after all

Went up to Vedauwoo last Sunday, hoping to find some pasque flowers in bloom. Wasn’t disappointed. I like photographing flowers, it’s always a challenge. Here’s the result:

Pasque Flowers

Pasque Flowers, Spring 2010

Spring may actually come after all.

More to follow.


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Springtime in the Rockies

You all read about my consternation with the snow storm yesterday. This morning I fought my way out to the car (front door drifted shut) and headed for the UW campus. I figured there might be some interesting photography there and I wasn’t disappointed.

Here are a few examples of Ma Nature’s sense of humor:

Snowy park bench

Park Bench, UW Campus

A nice, pleasant place to sit and contemplate great thoughts.

Arts and Sciences Auditorium entry

Great place to stand in line while waiting for a show.

Bike Parking

And a great springtime cycling day, too.

Oh, well, it will all melt off by tomorrow. Better enjoy it while we can!

More to follow


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