Spent most of the day exploring in the Grand Staircase National Monument. Really, one road, 15 miles, 4hours. Yes,  a few fotos and a conversation with a very nice BLM Ranger. Jeff stopped as we were goofing around with my GPS (no, we weren’t lost, the mesa we were trying to find was) and chatted for a few minutes. When he was sure we weren’t up to any skullduggery, he gave us a couple ideas of what to look for down the road, reminded us not to “collect” anything and wished us a nice day (actually he said, “Check six,” but it’s the same thing. I’ll explain it to you if necessary).

It was nice in there. First, the only other human we saw was Jeff, and second we ran into dozens of spectacular junipers (my favorite tree), and managed to catch a fair sunset again. Best of all, the closest we came to turkey was a flock of about 20 wild ones. I tried a few fotos, but the ones that had the best poses were a little blurry and the ones that were in focus were mostly turkey backsides. Oh, well.

The Juniper:

The Sunset:

More to follow,


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