Oh, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Between travel to huge population centers and catching the flu after getting a flu shot, I’ve been away from the camera and the computer far too long.

And, to top it all off, it’s been forever since I’ve seen redrock. It must be time to go South.

We’ll have our big Spring Break fling, of course, but I wonder if I can last that long?

Was gonna go over Thanksgiving, but plans get changed, then the changed plans get changed and, well, Laramie was pretty boring except for a dear friend who fed me the traditional Thanksgiving ham!

Where would I go? Factory Butte, of course. Factory Butte is one of my favorite landmarks. It dominates the landscape for miles around, it’s surrounded by land one wouldn’t think would support any sort of life, it’s an amazing formation that I’ve photographed a zillion or so times, but the really good image is yet to come. Here’s a sample of what can be done with that gray monolith:

Factory Butte, Sunrise

Factory Butte, Sunrise

Did I say gray? Yes, that’s right: It’s a dark gray. But, of course, that neutral color is affected by the quality of the light hitting it, so the ruddy sunrise illumination adds a color that isn’t imagined the first time you see the butte in full daylight. This wonderfully stark feature has so many surprises, including the four wheelers that trespass on the pristine land and leave tracks that last for decades. Ah, but I digress.

Gotta get to the desert. I wonder if Santa will find me there?

More to follow,


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