R. L. (Bob) Wolverton has been active in photography on and off for three decades. He started in the 1980s by taking workshops from John Telford and classes at the Salt Lake Art Center. He soon progressed to large format film photography, continuing his studies with the Salt Lake Art Center and Telford. He has also taken workshops from many well-known photographers including Cole Weston, Al Weber, Chris Rainier, Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, Laurie Excell and others. His primary interest is landscape and nature photography.

In 1987, Bob moved to the Bridger Valley in Wyoming where he was co-publisher and photography editor of the Bridger Valley Pioneer Newspaper. Bob moved into Stock Photography during his tenure in Bridger Valley and had stock collections featuring rodeo action photos, western life images and abstracts of nature.

Laramie, Wyoming became home in 1995, where Bob became a student at the University of Wyoming. He completed Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in philosophy, then went on to earn a Doctor of Education degree. All those studies cut into his photography time, and after a hiatus, he renewed his passion for the discipline by taking the plunge and going digital. He also re-started his studies by attending workshops from the Salt Lake Art Center (studying with old friends Rodger Newbold and Mike Adams) and workshops with wildlife photographer Moose Peterson.

Bob’s work centers around his long-time passion of nature and landscape photography, primarily in the desert areas of Southern Utah. He has recently started becoming familiar with the mountains of Wyoming and is beginning to understand how to photograph the mountains and forested lands.

Bob has finished one book of Photographs, Places and Things, which can be found at Blurb.com at this link.