Today we started with the balloons, but it was pretty windy and they didn’t launch more than a couple and those in a different part of the Valley. The one we saw flew lickety split past the mesa and disappeared. No others followed.

We took off and went to Page AZ to take a look at Horseshoe Bend. As the only Canon Shooter in a group of ten Nikonites, I am always on the defensive. Then, when the widest lens I have is a 24mm and they all have fisheyes and perspective correcting lenses, it gets a little silly. I decided to make my own fisheye-type shot by doing a panorama and stitching the fotos together.

All went well except that I had a little angle error and the horizon tilted more than the actual one. I dithered over this, but Moose showed me a waaaaay cool way to make the angle closer to right and not lose any of the image. I’m happy enough with it that I thought I’d share it here. Thanks, Moose!

Horseshoe Bend Panorama

click image for better view and color

It’s always a great day when you learn something new! Tomorrow should be grand.

More to follow,