Well, the day before this we started at 4 a.m. and I was whining the whole day. This day we started at 3 a.m. because we had quite a drive ahead of us. I whined the whole day, but louder.

When we got to the Wahweap Wash Hoodos we found that it was infested with Germans. I suppose I shouldn’t complain because my heritage is half German, but that’s the way it was. It was kinda comical, as so many photo shoots are: people lined up to get the “right” shot, with tripod legs overlapping, everyone checking out the others’ equipment to be sure they were using the right lens, etc. And crowded. There must have been ten people there. I decided to pick a different spot for a couple reasons. First, I’m getting so clumsy I might have tripped over someone’s tripod or equipment bag and second, I didn’t need exactly the same image they were all getting.

By setting up a little lower on the hill, I still got the striking sunrise colors, but with a different angle I could play with. And I got to wander around because I didn’t have to pick my way through the tripod forest, always a good deal. I saw a second hoodoo that was going to get some good light, too, so while I waited for the sun to hit the first hoodoo, I planned the second shot. All I’d have to to is make the first exposures, then quickly move to the second location and get it, too. Sometimes I amaze myself by actually planning something right.

On the way out we ran into some more Germans looking for the Wahahahahaweeep hoodoos. We told them where to go.

This first image is almost getting to be cliché, it’s done by so many photographers. It’s nice, to be sure and the area is stunning, it just gets a lot of traffic.

Photograhs form Southern Utah and Grand Canyon

Wahweap Hoodoo, Sunrise

This is what looking around will help the photographer find.

Photograhs form Southern Utah and Grand Canyon

Wahweap Hoodoo, Sunrise #2

More to follow.