Whew, It was close.

I got home from the Grand Canyon workshop with old friends and started to process the photos. The chill went straight to my heart. My hard drive was failing and I hadn’t had a chance to back it up. I tried everything and couldn’t get any images on or off the drive. As the initial panic subsided, I realized that it looked like a heat problem. Now heat problems are no simple fix, but I found that if I turned the drive off for a couple hours I could move a few files across to my backup drive. Then things would stop, I’d turn the drive off for a while and go again. Got everything on the backup drive as I waited for my new automatic backup drive to get in from B&H. I then transferred everything to the new drive, it automatically backed everything up and I’m good to go again. And I can breathe again. I’ll do even more aggressive backup after this, but for now things are good.

One nice thing about the Grand Canyon workshop is that with the small group we had, we could all pick favorite places to return to and new places to explore. I chose the one-and-a-half mile corral because I’m not completely pleased with my first shots of it. Of course, it’s different now, ranchers are grazing cattle in the area, so the grass is ‘mowed’, and the original framing I used doesn’t work. But the new framing works just fine, I think.

The new place we went to was on the Pariah Plateau. It was a bit of a challenge to get there, but well worth the worry about getting stuck in deep sand and getting chased by wildebeests (we didn’t actually see any, but I’m pretty sure there were some there). We did get chased by a couple of photographers, but they ran out of steam about the same time we did, so things worked out.

Today’s fotos remind me of the Simon and Garfunkel Central Park concert recording where they changed a part of the lyrics to “Kodachrome” to “Everything looks better in black-and-white.” I agree. To a certain extent.

I liked the clouds at the corral, but the wind was blowing the aspen leaves around, so the middle is a little soft. But basically, I think the foto works.

One-and-a-half corral

One-and-a-half corral

The location below, on the Pariah Plateau, was stunning. Filled with little desert gardens like the one below, all sorts of tortured, twisted rock, and a stunning sky (some of which you’ll see in later posts). I like this as a black-and-white, dropping the red of the sandstone to near black to provide contrast with the little sand garden.

Desert Garden, Pariah Plateau

Desert Garden, Pariah Plateau

There’s quite a bit from the Grand coming up, keep checking back every few days.

More to follow.